NOW!!! The way you PREGNANCY test is the same way you can test for BVDV PI!

Pregtest will only do EAR NOTCH sample in our Laboratory. These samples as usual will be done on Fridays.
Due to changes at IDEXX, BLOOD SAMPLES are now sent to IDEXX Laboratories for testing. This will add a few days for your results.

We can still extract samples to test for BVDV PI from the same sample you send in for Pregnancy testing. Skin tissue testing (ear notch) is also available and requires soaking overnight.

What is BVDV?

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV), also known as Bovine Pestivirus, is a viral infection of cattle, present in feedlots, beef and dairy herds in Australia.

Identify, isolate, and control BVDV

Control of BVDV begins with identification of the persistently infected (PI) animal.

  • A PI animal cannot be cured and will continue to infect other animals throughout its life.
  • A PI animal is created when a pregnant cow is exposed to BVDV during the first third of gestation.
  • PI cattle often look healthy, reinforcing the need for a sensitive, specific diagnostic test.

Allowing an infected calf to join the herd jeopardizes the health of the entire herd.

Follow these simple steps to eradicate BVDV in your herd:

  • Determine your herd status.
  • Test all new introductions to the herd.
  • Design a vaccination and biosecurity program.

What does BVDV PI testing cost?

Pricing is as follows


1 to 11 cost $25.00 per test.

12 to 20 cost $23.90 per test.

more than 20 cost $23.00 per test.

BVDV Myths

MYTH: BVDV won’t affect vaccinated cattle.

FACT: The tremendous amount of virus secreted by a PI calf can overwhelm a level of immunity that is protective under less severe exposure. Vaccination alone will not solve BVDV problems.

MYTH: Calves are PI because their dam is PI.

FACT: Recent research has shown that 8% of PI calves’ dams were PI; the other 92% of calves have dams with a normal immune response to BVDV and are not persistently infected.

What are the effects of infection with BVDV?

Infection with BVDV has many potentially harmful effects in cattle, and can inflict significant losses per head of cattle.
Guidelines for the investigation and control of BVDV infection in beef and dairy herds and feedlots have been developed by the BVDV Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The recommended diagnostic testing and control measures can be tailored to individual herd situations.

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