About Pregtest Australia

Pregtest Australia started working with Biotracking in the U.S. back in July 2007. Since then we have been carrying out accurate pregnancy testing on animals for the Beef, Dairy and Livestock industries in Australia.

Thanks to the dedicated people and excellent facilities in Moscow Idaho we are able to offer BioPRYN™ (under licence) in Australia.

In October 2012 Pregtest Australia was appointed exclusive distributor for BioPRYN™ in Australia. We have opportunities available now for interested parties to become an affiliate laboratory.

We currently run our BioPRYN™ cattle and BioPRYN™ for Sheep and Goats testing every Tuesday and Thursday. We report our results Wednesday and Friday.

Extra test can be run for special projects and customer requirements!!

BioPRYN™ is a registered trade mark of Biotracking LLC.

What is BioPRYN

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Pregtest is very proud to represent these companies in the livestock industry in Australia.