Identify open cows earlier, reliably and on your schedule

The Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in whole blood (EDTA) as early as 28 days post-mating and 70 days post-calving. PAGs are only produced in the presence of a live embryo or fetus.

Why use the on-farm pregnancy test:

  • Read results easily to make decisions quickly
  • Shorten calving interval by testing at day 28 post-mating
  • Cost-effective for testing small groups of cows
  • Find open animals in just 20 mins
  • Increase safety for you and your workers

Key details about the test:

The test is highly accurate on whole blood and recommended for use in finding open cows.

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The Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test is easy to use and easy to read. Follow the steps below to run the test and know the pregnancy status of your cows. This test does NOT need to be run by a vet. Use QR code on test packet to see video on how to run the test.

Step 1:
Lift the tail to obtain a blood sample. Immediately after drawing the sample, invert the tube 10 times.
Step 2:
Draw up the sample into the pipette.
Step 3:
Dispense the full pipette of blood into the sample port.
Step 4:
Add the wash solution within 2 minutes.
Step 5:
Read results 5-20 minutes later.

Visual display shows results:

The animal is PREGNANT if the test line (T) is red or pink.
The animal is OPEN if no test line appears.
The test should be repeated if no control line (C) appears.

Download Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test flyer (.PDF)